About Eliza

I am a professionally trained and registered Homeopath with a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc Hom) and a member of the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH).

My husband and I have three adult daughters, I have travelled extensively overseas, am passionate about nutrition and love to spend my time walking in the bush and working in my vege garden.

My first introduction to Homeopathy was almost 30 years ago. Every winter, whilst living in the UK, our daughter suffered bronchitis. After using conventional medicine for many months, I realized that this medicine was just not working and sought the help of a Homeopath. The response from the Homeopathic remedy was quite remarkable and even now, many years later, our daughter has not had a return of bronchitis.

Following this, I learned as much as I could about Homeopathy and used different remedies for many of my family’s illnesses, usually with great success. When it was suggested by a friend that I study Natural Medicine, I decided to begin a degree in Homeopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane.

Whilst studying for my degree, I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Homeopathy helped to manage the huge shock at this unexpected diagnosis and calm the intense anxiety. I chose conventional medicine to treat the illness as I believe there is definitely a time when orthodox medicine needs be used. However, I used Homeopathic remedies to manage the many symptoms which were experienced during conventional treatment, with wonderful results.

Homeopathy can safely be used in conjunction with prescribed medicines and I will not ask you to stop taking medicines prescribed by your Doctor. If I believe it is necessary, I will refer you back to your GP.

I am offering my services as a compassionate, caring and understanding Homeopath and if you are interested in making an appointment to see me, please email me at eliza@raindropremedies.com

I am totally committed to helping you with your own particular health issues and will do my very best to understand and support you through your own journey to better health.